Ingwe Metal Craft is a proudly SA company, specializing in stainless steel and powder coated metal works. Although we have a standard range of items available, we welcome the opportunity to manufacture to client requirements.

Public Seating

Ingwe Metal Craft’s range of public seating has been designed to withstand the rigours experienced within public waiting areas in South Africa. Our seating units are completely modular and all components are kept in stock if any replacement parts are needed. Ingwe Metal Craft public seating units are made from 1.6mm iron phosphate treated mild steal or grade 304 stainless steel. The front and back edges of the seating and the tables panels are profiled with a 38mm diameter bull nose. The units are complete with a backrest of 360mm high and seating section of 438mm. The seat panels are profiled to international ergonomic standards. Tables are manufactured to match the seats in the same material and profile. Seats and tables can be interchanged allowing for versatility in the seating layout. Seats are mounted on a 50X25mm structural tubular pipe by means of a 5X20mm stiffener brace. The feet will be 50mm structural tube with a wall thickness of 2mm and will allow hidden provision for fixing to the floor by means rawl bolts.

Key features:

  • Seat panels and tables are fully interchangeable
  • Available in any choice of colour
  • Available in mild steel and stainless steel seat panels
  • Secured to the floor via a mounting brackets in the foot allowing for a neat finish with no visible rawl bolts.
  • Variety of sizes available between 2 seater and 6 seater

Standard sizes:

2 berth                                                                1050mm in length

3 berth                                                                1600mm in length

4 berth                                                                2150mm in length

5 berth                                                                2700mm in length

6 berth                                                                3250mm in length

EZ Trac Shelving

In this section you will find a storage solution to suit all your requirements. Our EZ Track range is available in 4 different finishes (chrome,galvanized, epoxy coated and 304 Stainless Steel) ensuring that it can be used in any environment as well as fitting into any budget. In addition, special bespoke sizes can be offered as well so that you can ensure that all valuable space is used to its full potential. The EZ Track system requires nothing more than a rubber mallet to assemble the bays and the shelves can be easily adjusted within 100mm increments. As standard our 5-tier units are supplied with 1800mm posts and 3-tier units with 1500mm posts. Additional tiers and alternative post heights up to 2200mm are also available along with castors if required. Take advantage of the experience that INGWE METAL CRAFT has developed over the years and let us assist in layout designs to ensure maximum space utilisation at no additional cost. Our approved installers can offer a competitive and efficient installation service if required.

Key Features:

  • Evenly distributed load of 200 Kg per shelf over 1200mm.
  • Fast, easy no tools assembly.
  • Comprehensive range of sizes
  • Bespoke Sizes available.
  • Available with Anti-Static Castors.
  • Fully adjustable in 100mm Increments.
  • Versatile for use in any environment and for any application.

Standard Panel Sizes:

1000x350mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel

1000x450mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel

1500x350mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel

1500x450mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel

1800x350mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel

1800x450mm              Wire / Solid / Perforated        Epoxy / Chrome / Galv / S Steel


Benches and Tables

Benches and Tables Info:

  • All products are made of 3mm pressed steel plate, with legs and supports of 40X10mm flat bar.
  • Legs and supports are welded or bolted to the unit.
  • The whole product is electro-galvanised thus making it rust proof.
  • The finish is polyurethane powder paint which is baked onto the unit.
  • Colours available – white, blue, green, red, orange, beige and brown.
  • Benches without backrest are also available for mounting on walls.
  • Tables may be free standing or fixed to the pole of thatched umbrella.
  • Tables and benches are available as sets.
  • Flat bar legs available for bolting into concrete.

Grab rails and Shower seats

Grab Rails:

  • Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel and are available in knurled or stain finish.
  • Standard range of sizes available, however any size rail can be manufactured.
  • Ideal for use in bathrooms, wards and any area where paraplegic assistance is required.

Shower Seats:

Fold Up Shower seats comprises of two components:

  • Wall mounting brackets are manufactured from 4mm 3CHR12 stainless steel which incorporates a knuckle designed to prevent the seat resting against the wall when in the upright position.
  • The seat will have a 25mm mild steel tubular frame  with a thickness of 2mm. The seat panel is 2mm perforated mild steel bent over the frame with a bull nose bend.
  • The entire unit is galvanized and powder coated.
  • A full grade 304 stainless steel is also available.